WOF and Repairs

Legally, you must have your vehicle inspected for a warrant of fitness (WOF)

If your car was first registered on or after 1 January 2000 you need a new WOF every 12 months. If your vehicle was registered before January 2000 you need a WOF issued every six months.

At Kiwiden we do WOF inspections and can undertake any repairs that may be necessary so your vehicle can pass its WOF


Pick-up and Drop-off

We do pick-up and drop-off
for big jobs.

Starter Motor Repairs

Starter motor problems can make your vehicle sluggish and difficult to start. We are experts in servicing and repairing starter motors

Courtesy Car

We will try to provide a Courtesy car for big jobs in advanced bookings.

Tyre Services

We provide a full tyre service for vehicles and stock all the leading brands, plus have a full wheel alignment service.


We provide a battery charging and replacement service and stock batteries from all the leading suppliers.

Patch Rubber

We provide patch rubber services for vehicles.