Mechanical servicing is a speciality at Kiwiden Autos, we have the training, experience and technology to keep your car on the road.

Suspension Handling Kits

We offer and service Suspension Handling Kits — ensuring your vehicle handles to maximum efficiency and safety on the road.

Braking systems

We perform full checks and services for braking systems and will undertake all necessary repairs, keeping you safe and improving your driving experience.

Engine Services

We have the latest technology and the trained team to perform a full engine service on your vehicle.

Cambelt Replacement

You cambelt should be changed every 100,000kms or 5 years. We provide a full cambelt repair service for all makes and models.

Transmission and Gear Box

Poor maintenance of your transmission and gear box can result in overheating. Regular maintenance will extend the life, plus we do all repairs and replacements

Fuel Injection Systems

Your fuel injection system is essential to keep your car running, we perform full fuel injection systems servicing and repairs.

Power Steering Systems

We are specialists in power steering systems and can install, test, repair and replace your power steering system

Up-rated Radiators

We install Up-rated Radiators to keep your car running smoothly, safely and at maximum efficiency.